A tutorial on how to quickly create a website using WordPress without programming skills.

Many people want to create their own blog website or small shop selling products online, but they don’t know how to program. What should they do?

WordPress is a great tool that allows many people to easily build a website.

1. What we need to prepare are: a domain name and a server.

To purchase a domain name, we can search for domain name registration on Google, and service providers like Godaddy can register it.

Buying a server is also about finding a server. For example, servers that sell domain names have servers that sell them. You can choose a server with a lower configuration.

Once ready, start building the website.

3. Go to the official website of WordPress to download the latest program. The official website is:

4. Log in to the server and install a user-friendly server control panel, such as CPanel, CyberPanel, etc.

5. Create a virtual space on the server and resolve the domain name to the server’s IP using DNS.

6. Put the downloaded WordPress program into the virtual space on the server, access the domain name, enter the database username and password created when creating the virtual space, and then install it.

Alright, that’s it. A WordPress blog is ready. Remember the backend address and log in to publish the article.

If you want to sell something on the WordPress website, keep reading:

7. Choose a theme that supports the WooCommerce plugin, and then install it. Also, search for WooCommerce in the plugin and install it.

8. Finally, install all the theme recommendation plugins, and a small store website will be ready. How to set it up more beautifully next depends on yourself.

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