Hedgehog’s Revenge

Many people know that some animals are psychic, such as snakes, hedgehogs, weasels, dogs, and cats, all of which are very human. As the saying goes, good comes with good karma, and evil comes with evil. Perhaps this is retribution. The little story we are talking about today is a story passed down in our hometown, with half the chance of being true and half the chance of being illusory. This story is just to clarify the meaning of this story.

I am a minority ethnic group, and the village is not small or small. It is also a village with thousands of people. There are good and evil people, and there are always people who do bad things. Today, we are talking about respecting animals, and they are also a life of all beings.

Uncle Zhang (pseudonym, inconvenient to disclose) is also one of the wealthy people in our village, so he has a proud personality and does not take being taken seriously, let alone an animal. People and animals have nothing to do with each other, but humans always provoke them. That night, while driving home, Uncle Zhang saw a big hedgehog and a litter of small hedgehogs. Originally, humans walked along the path of humans, while hedgehogs walked along the path of hedgehogs. Unfortunately, after Uncle Zhang got off the car, he threw the hedgehogs into a firewood pile. Perhaps the hedgehogs thought he was kind, but unexpectedly, he took out a lighter and lit the pile of firewood.

Hedgehog mother threw the child out desperately to protect her, but Uncle Zhang threw it back cruelly. After a long time, the hedgehogs remained motionless and the firewood was burned to the bone. So a nest of hedgehogs was buried alive in the sea of fire.

Uncle Zhang’s arrogance and domineering behavior did not take this seriously, but what happened later was often unexpected to Uncle Zhang.

Uncle Zhang’s family lived in a small villa on their own. As soon as he fell asleep that day, he felt someone knocking at the door. He didn’t take it seriously, so he continued to sleep. However, the knocking continued. As Dangdang became more and more urgent, Uncle Zhang thought someone was looking for him and quickly got up and down to open the door. However, to his surprise, when he opened the door, no one passed by. After all, it was already late at night, and Uncle Zhang felt uneasy in his heart, Then close the door.

Ready to continue sleeping, just about to go to bed, when someone knocked on the door again, he ran quickly and opened the door, but still no one was there. Now Uncle Zhang panicked. What the hell is going on here? He thought he would knock on the door again soon, so he held a small ladder under the door frame to see who was playing a prank. After a while, he really started knocking on the door again. He silently climbed up the ladder and looked down through the glass. There was nothing, but the knocking on the door continued. Zhang had to panic and fell directly from the ladder. Originally, a height of over two meters would not be a big deal, but after Zhang fell, he couldn’t move, It feels like paralysis. I saw a nest of hedgehogs coming to seek revenge on him, and he shouted, ‘Don’t harm me, I’m wrong. Please let me go, just keep making trouble like this.’.

Until the next morning, someone came to see Uncle Zhang on business, but found that Uncle Zhang was crazy, and people could not understand what he said, and his recent actions were exactly the same as hedgehogs. He ate what hedgehogs ate, and he imitated what hedgehogs’ habits were.

Evil brings retribution, and burning a family is ultimately retribution. We must treat all living beings around us with kindness. Otherwise, you will be the next one.

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