The Butterfly on the Tombstone

Upon arriving at Taoye Village deep in the Taihang Mountains, Jiang Mingyan was somewhat excited. Two classmates were looking around, but Jiang Mingyan ran alone onto a narrow path. She saw an old woman carrying firewood on the path, a tall basket of firewood bending her waist 90 degrees. Jiang Mingyan helped the old man carry firewood into the house. As she was about to leave, the old man suddenly said to her, “Are you a college student? Are you here to do social practice

Jiang Mingyan nodded. In this summer practice, the three of them will conduct a household income survey here.

Do you want to stay at my house? “The old man asked again.

Jiang Mingyan was stunned and quickly nodded.

Returning to the highway to meet my classmates, the village chief of Taoye Village happened to come and arrange for them to live in the brigade headquarters.

After dinner, Jiang Mingyan told her two classmates that she had another place to live, so she smiled and walked out. The old woman’s house is located on the nearby hillside, very close.

The old man saw Jiang Mingyan coming and moved a new bed, saying it was originally for marrying his daughter. Jiang Mingyan asked the old man’s daughter? The old man said she has been away from home for more than ten years.

The room was a bit stuffy, and Jiang Mingyan took off her coat. The old man looked at her in surprise and pointed to her stomach. Jiang Mingyan quickly pulled off her shirt and said she fell it when she was a child.

The old man settled her down and went out. Jiang Mingyan lay down and touched the scar on her lower abdomen, feeling lost for a moment. Not only her lower abdomen, she also has scars of all sizes on her legs. She once asked her mother, where did these scars come from? My mother said she was too mischievous when she was young and fell. But the scar was more like an artificial one, and it wasn’t left all at once. Her parents love her so much, how could she feel like she has been abused?

The next morning, Jiang Mingyan woke up early and the old man had already left.

Meeting with classmates, the three of them had breakfast and started visiting each other’s homes. The mountain road was difficult to navigate, and only about ten households were surveyed throughout the day. When it gets dark, everyone goes to the team headquarters to organize the materials. At 8 o’clock in the evening, Jiang Mingyan came to the old man’s house again.

The old man was not asleep yet, but Jiang Mingyan came. The old man got up and returned to the house.

Jiang Mingyan couldn’t sleep. I don’t know how long it was before she heard a babbling song coming from the next door. I can’t hear the singing, but I feel very desolate. Jiang Mingyan couldn’t help but stand up and gently pushed open the old man’s door. The old man sat on the kang, singing and crying. Jiang Mingyan asked her what was wrong? The old man wiped his eyes and said that today is his daughter’s birthday. She was only 18 years old when she left.

The villagers all say that she worked as a nanny at someone else’s house, got along with the male owner, was caught, jumped off a building and died. But I know, that’s not the case, it’s not, “the old man muttered.

Jiang Mingyan was stunned. So her daughter died? Or suicide? Jiang Mingyan didn’t know how to comfort the old man. The old man said it’s time to add a grave for his daughter tomorrow and he needs to go to bed early. After speaking, he ignored Jiang Mingyan and lay on the kang, blowing out the oil lamp.

All night long, Jiang Mingyan couldn’t sleep soundly. In the middle of the night, she had a vague dream

The next day, Jiang Mingyan felt a severe headache and forced herself to go with the old man to add graves for her daughter.

In the deep mountain valley, Jiang Mingyan saw a low tombstone with a vivid butterfly carved on it. The old man said that his daughter Liu Xia has been fond of butterflies since she was young, and he also said that when she has money in the future, she will have to raise many, many butterflies. The old man took out a photo from his arms. Jiang Mingyan leaned over to take a look, and the photo showed an exceptionally beautiful girl with a bright smile on her face.

Seven days passed in a flash, and the three of them finished their summer practice and returned to the city.

Jiang Mingyan opened her door and saw a strange man staying at home. The mother looked flustered, but the man’s face showed joy. The mother stopped him from speaking and sternly let him go.

Jiang Mingyan sat down, feeling suspicious in her heart.

After lunch, my mother went to work and instructed Jiang Mingyan to rest well at home.

Jiang Mingyan is a bit upset and ready to go for a walk. Just as I left, I saw the man standing at the door. She cautiously asked him what he wanted to do? The man said he wants her to help with something. Jiang Mingyan thought for a moment and locked the door.

Sitting on the park bench, the man lit a cigarette and only said after a while that he was her uncle.

Uncle? Why haven’t I met you? “Jiang Mingyan asked in surprise.

Because you were adopted by your current parents when you were three years old, and they proposed that you would never have any further contact, “the man said.

Jiang Mingyan’s eyes widened. Are your parents not real now? The man sighed and suddenly asked Jiang Mingyan, “You have burns on your thighs and on your abdomen. Do you know what happened

“Do you know?” Jiang Mingyan’s heart skipped a beat.

The man nodded and said, “Your parents passed away in a car accident when you were two years old. So, I adopted you. I was busy managing the factory every day and had very little time at home, so your aunt was always taking care of you. Suddenly, one day, I saw injuries to your stomach and legs. Your aunt admitted that it was her fault. Although she repeatedly promised not to mistreat you again, I couldn’t trust her, so I had to give you to my current parents

Tears flowed down Jiang Mingyan’s cheeks. She wiped her face with her hand and asked him what he was looking for now? The man lowered his head and said that his son had leukemia and his typing was unsuccessful. Besides his father, Jiang Mingyan was the closest person to his son.

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