The short drama of a domineering CEO from China has become popular

At the beginning of this month, the combination of live action short dramas and game modes, “Damn it! I’m surrounded by beautiful women!”, topped the Steam Crazy Chart, and the “Boss Short Drama” with strong Chinese genes also soared overseas. In recent days, ReelShort, a live action short drama software under Maple Leaf Interactive, a digital publishing company in China, has surged in the rankings of app stores in Europe and America, surpassing Tiktok, which has dominated the charts for many years, and becoming a “dark horse” Yesterday, an article on the WeChat official account of China Central Television (CCTV), “Unexpectedly, foreigners also like to watch” short dramas of tyrants “, attracted market attention.

As the short drama platform becomes a new entry point for traffic, Reelshort continues to climb in the best-selling rankings in Europe and America. Chinese Online recently announced on its investor platform that its overseas company CMS has launched interactive game Chapters and live action short drama product ReelShort. ReelShort has a variety of popular short dramas and has received high attention from European and American markets.

Recently, short drama concept stocks have helped the media game sector continue to rise, while the popularity of Tiktok paid video has continued to ferment the media sector. On November 16, the term “Tiktok test paid short video” hit a hot search, causing hot debate among netizens.

This morning, the short drama and game sector continued to rise, with stocks such as Yanshan Technology, Gravity Media, and Tianwei Video all rising their limit. Due to the continuous fermentation of the popularity of short drama games, the gaming sector has become popular across the board, with Zhejiang Digital Culture leading the way, while Giant Network and Youzu Network have followed suit.

The interactive game “Doom! I’m Surrounded by Beautiful Women!” (hereinafter referred to as “Doom”) has continued to rise in popularity and become a phenomenal sensation since its launch. The current low valuation of the gaming sector has been hovering for a long time, and the growth of the gaming industry is sluggish. The emergence of such a “real person game” has dispelled pessimistic expectations in the market. Short plays have the gene to be adapted into live interactive games. Short plays+games have a strong degree of topics. On the Tiktok platform, the number of broadcasts of topics related to The End has exceeded 1.3 billion times; The series produced by “The End” has received over a million views on Bilibili.

The combination of short dramas with interactive games, AI, and XR technology may further enhance the personalization, immersion, and immersion of short and easy to decompress content, meet user needs, and enrich monetization modes.

The short drama app Reelshort has also emerged overseas, ranking at the forefront of download charts in multiple countries. By replicating the short drama mode of domestic short video platforms, it has achieved content export and become an important force for online literature and post game cultural output.

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